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Re: [PLUG] Social/technical gathering in Bridgeport, PA

Let's not invite that really mean bear this time. I think some people
are still recovering.

(I couldn't help myself)



On 6/8/2010, "jonathan@jdsnetwork.com" <jonathan@jdsnetwork.com> wrote:

>Some of you may recall the Plug social gathering a few months back in
>Bridgeport, with food, fun, and bears.   Well, we would like to do it again.
>Last time a few folks commented on the choice of the date, so this time
>around nothing is scheduled yet, and you can all take part in choosing the
>Visit http://www.doodle.com/cwuyxdcbmzxtxne7 and pick the days you like.
>We'll pick from the most popular to decide when to do this.
>As before food and snacks will be provided, and we'll hopefully have a few
>interesting lightning talks from those who attend.
>Lightning talks are optional but strongly desired.   We ask everyone to
>bring either something to drink or a couple bucks towards the food (you
>won't leave hungry).
>Thanks folks, hope to see you there!
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General Discussion  --   http://lists.phillylinux.org/mailman/listinfo/plug