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Re: [PLUG] VM and Windows Licensing: was Re: Wine usb support (scanner)

I'm feeling pretty frustrated.  I guess I might have to let go of my native XP partition to make this work.   In principle this issue has been difficult to let go of.  While I am certain I don't compare to many of you regarding VM's, at least I learned quite a bit.

I think in this list, a while back,  someone mentioned they were able to get another license number from microsoft to run a VM (without cost) and keep their existing original install.  

My machine came with Windows installed and a few extras (like Norton firewall..etc...) and a license associated with the machine.  

So it appears that VMware will operate on a raw disk (like /dev/hda).  That's one way to preserve the original install, if it's all reliable enough.   I would prefer something more open source, though I did try VMWare and it ran like a champ on my machine.  Unbelievable difference from Qemu.  I don't believe I was doing anything wrong with Qemu.

Still may give virtual box a try. 

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I could feel the poor sucker scratching out his eyeballs.

Microsoft EULAs are notoriously self contradictory and inconsistent.  (My suspicion is that their code is as well.)  This is what happens when you keep incorporating changes without looking at the whole thing.

In January or February, we got a notice from one of our vendors that MS now considers multiple win server guests, on a single vmware host, only need a single license.  Now this poor guy is being told that a single install on a single machine requires multiple licenses.  

All of this is more painful than RMS trashing Open Source as not being adequately "free".

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