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Re: [PLUG] Distro for KDE

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Art... that is some coincidence.  I'm having similar thoughts this week.  I use
to love KDE until they prematurely went to 4.0.  I jumped from Open SuSE to
Ubuntu and really like it *except* for Gnome.  I tried Kubuntu but found it too
buggy.  Prior to Ubuntu, I used SuSE and then OpenSuSE and for the most part KDE
was rock solid.

I've heard that YUM is much improved.  Perhaps a test install of OpenSuSE is now
in order.

The dilemma: apt or KDE...  Chose one.


On 06/18/2010 05:10 PM, Art Alexion wrote:
> I have just about had it with Kubuntu.  Monitoring some of the distro-
> independent app lists, I am seeing the fewest KDE problems with openSUSE.  As 
> much as I prefer apt to yum, I may be ready to ditch Ubuntu for KDE.
> Others NOT having problems with Kubuntu, or HAVING problems with openSUSE? 
> Mandravia? Other suggestions?
> I much prefer debian based to RPM.
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