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Re: [PLUG] Distro for KDE

Can you guys elaborate on your frustrations with Kubuntu? I'm sorry if this is a tired subject for you guys.

Personally I've been considering switching to Arch at home. Given this discussion, I think it would be a good opportunity to wean myself off of Kubuntu and try KDE in a different realm. I hear Pacman is pretty attractive.

The previous plan was to migrate my server, but maybe I'll do the desktop instead, for the KDE excuse.

Writing this email from the Phillies game on my Nexus One. ;)

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Art... that is some coincidence.  I'm having similar thoughts this week.  I use
to love KDE until they prematurely went to 4.0.  I jumped from Open SuSE to
Ubuntu and really like it *except* for Gnome.  I tried Kubuntu but found it too
buggy.  Prior to Ubuntu, I used SuSE and then OpenSuSE and for the most part KDE
was rock solid.

I've heard that YUM is much improved.  Perhaps a test install of OpenSuSE is now
in order.

The dilemma: apt or KDE...  Chose one.


On 06/18/2010 05:10 PM, Art Alexion wrote:
> I have just about had it with Kubuntu. Monitoring som...

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