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Re: [PLUG] PPA for ROXTerm

On 06/25/2010 03:48 AM, JP Vossen wrote:
> I've talked about ROXTerm a number of times, but one of the neat
> features didn't quite make it into Lucid.
> Lucid only has 1.17.something. but if you have ROXTerm 1.18.something or
> newer, you can go to Preferences > Edit Current Profile > Window/Tabs >
> Show terminal status in close buttons. That means that if something
> changes on a background tab, an indicator changes so you can tell. The
> feature is off by default, but very cool.
> I also forgot to mention that the latest versions have some simple
> support for SSH connections, so you can go to Preferences > Edit Current
> Profile > Command > SSH and define SSH servers to connect to.
> See:
Oops, wrong URL, see:

> To add the PPA in Ubuntu 9.10 or newer:
> $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:h-realh/ppa

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