JP Vossen on 27 Jun 2010 19:41:50 -0700

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[PLUG] Fwd: [unison-announce] Unison beta-release updated

This great tool has come up a number of times on the list and in 
meetings, so I thought folks might like to know:

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Subject: [unison-announce] Unison beta-release updated
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 17:24:50 -0400
From: Benjamin Pierce <>
To: Unison Group User's <>,

This beta-release improves the previous beta-release (version 2.40.1) 
with several bugfixes and speed improvements.

    - Benjamin  (on behalf of the Unison team)

Download address:

Changes in Version 2.40.16

    Changes since 2.40.1:
      * Added "BelowPath" patterns, that match a path as well as all paths
        below (convenient to use with nodeletion,update,creationpartial
      * Added a "fat" preference that makes Unison use the right options
        when one of the replica is on a FAT filesystem.
      * Allow "prefer/force=newer" even when not synchronizing
        modification times. (The reconciler will not be aware of the
        modification time of unchanged files, so the synchronization
        choices of Unison can be different from when "times=true", but the
        behavior remains sane: changed files with the most recent
        modification time will be propagated.)
      * Minor fixes and improvements:
           + Compare filenames up to decomposition in case sensitive mode
             when one host is running MacOSX and the unicode preference is
             set to true.
           + Rsync: somewhat faster compressor
           + Make Unicode the default on all architectures (it was only
             the default when a Mac OS X or Windows machine was involved).

Gazillions more changes truncated by JP, see 
for the rest.]

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