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[PLUG] Endian UTM Presentation at Central - IMAP filtering

At last night's PLUG central presentation on Endian Unified Threat Management:

a question came up about filtering/AV of IMAP email.

The currently supported options on Endian are:

- POP3 filtering of inbound messages via proxy.
- SMTP filtering of inbound/outbound messages via proxy

So if you have an internal SMTP mail server with IMAP backent ( like Cyrus ) , then incoming email for your domain will be filtered via the SMTP proxy. You can also drop SPAM or HAM messages into special IMAP ham/spam folders and the Baysian filter will learn and update from them. ( These filters are site wide - if you have many users this is a much more effective learning
mode than using a single account like Thunderbird IMAP )

Endian also filters outbound SMTP for AV/virus, so that any infections on your users PC's
are caught.

Filtering IMAP directly on Endian is not currently supported. This should be done by your IMAP hosting provider. If you require better IMAP filtering for your domain contact
me about cloud based alternatives.


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