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[PLUG] FiOS update

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I know that this has been discussed before and I thought I'd update the
discussion a bit.

Verizon FiOS wants their Actiontec router to be the network interface device -
meaning that your Linux/OpenBSD/whatever firewall gets an internal IP address
for the WAN side.  This makes it invisible to the Internet unless you use port
forwarding or set up a DMZ.  The latter is not easy to do with the Actiontec.

The router busted itself after a particularly fierce electrical storm so they
sent me another one via UPS overnight.  Meanwhile, I called them and asked if
they could enable the ethernet port on the wall mounted interface box.  They
said "sure!" and after about 25 minutes it was switched.  Now my Linux firewall
gets an external IP using DHCP.

The only drawback to this configuration is if you have FiOS TV as the system
relies on the Internet traveling through the Actiontec routher so that the set
top box can pull program information.  This, it turns out, is really easy to
solve.  If your Linux firewall offers DHCP then simply connect the WAN input of
the Actiontec box to the LAN and connect a cable feed to the Actiontec.  It then
requests an IP address, gets one, and the set top box proceeds to pull the
necessary program information down through the coax cable without any trouble.

All in all, it's simple to do and it works very well.

Hope that helps somebody else down the road!

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