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Re: [PLUG] How do you backup your home PC's / Laptops?

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Actually, I just found CrashPlan and it seems so damn sensible that I've adopted
it for my Ubuntu workstation.  I'll probably set it up for my wife's and
children's computers next week.  So far it works great on Ubuntu 8.10.

It can even set up another local computer on the LAN as a desination ("Friend").

We'll see if it works for teenagers :-D


On 07/16/2010 08:27 PM, Lee Marzke wrote:
> Eric's recent problem with a failed Mac drive have prompted me to ask how people
> backup their home PC's and Laptops.     If you have other household members  how
> do you ensure the backups are done ?
> For me,  I have one Lenovo laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.   I use my own
> wrapper script around duplicity , which does encrypted backups to my NAS.
> A cron job runs incremental's nightly and full backup monthly.
> Lee's Dpbackup wrapper:
> This works well, and if the PC is traveling,  the job just times out,  or I can
> bring up OpenVPN and run the incremental remotely.
> I also have experimented with JungleDisk for Windows backup to Amazon S3
> with very good results.
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