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Re: [PLUG] How do you backup your home PC's / Laptops?

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I started using Crashplan a few weeks ago on my Linux workstation  I like it a
lot.  It is backing up to my external HD.  I'm going to test the PC-to-PC
backups on my wife's computer and my MacBook Pro when I get some time.

Although it run just fine it did not integrate with the menu so I had to create
my own launcher - no big deal.


On 07/18/2010 12:30 PM, Dave Hunt wrote:
> I recenty heard a review of Crashplan on the latest episode of the podcast
> "Linux for the Rest of Us".  It's a cross platform web based product for offsite
> backups between PCs.  I am planning to try it.  Has anyone else ever used
> it/heard anything. (I use both Windows and Linux PCs so this looked like a good
> option.)
> Dave
> On Jul 16, 2010, at 20:30, "Lee Marzke" <> wrote:
>> Eric's recent problem with a failed Mac drive have prompted me to ask how people
>> backup their home PC's and Laptops.     If you have other household members  how
>> do you ensure the backups are done ?
>> For me,  I have one Lenovo laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.   I use my own
>> wrapper script around duplicity , which does encrypted backups to my NAS.
>> A cron job runs incremental's nightly and full backup monthly.
>> Lee's Dpbackup wrapper:
>> This works well, and if the PC is traveling,  the job just times out,  or I can
>> bring up OpenVPN and run the incremental remotely.
>> I also have experimented with JungleDisk for Windows backup to Amazon S3
>> with very good results.
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