Casey Bralla on 31 Jul 2010 09:02:39 -0700

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[PLUG] "Affirmative" Terminal Help Needed

Is anyone familiar with "Affirmative" terminals?

I pulled 3 working Affirmative terminals from my company's electronics 
recycling bin.  They are very small diskless terminals that run WindowsCE.  
They actually are pretty slick and would be good web kiosks.  Since they use 
flash memory as a local disk, they also are potentially usable for Linux (in 
fact they sell them loaded with Linux).

My problem is that they are all password protected to hook up to a windows 
networking environment.  Therefore, I can't even log in to the darn things.

I want to clear out the password.

My company is rather paranoid about passwords, so they are not willing to even 
acknowledge that I got them.

I tried opening the case and removing the button battery and removing the sole 
jumper on the circuit board.  That had the dramatic effect of killing then 
entire unit so now it won't even boot.

Anybody familiar with these things?   Affirmative's web site is very poor, and 
my queries to their tech support went unanswered.

Any suggestions?

Casey Bralla

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