JP Vossen on 3 Aug 2010 23:24:04 -0700

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[PLUG] Digikam & Picasa, follow-up

So I tried out Digikam, and it worked fine on *my* machine with local pics. Then I tried it on my wife's laptop, and it was terrible. But it turns out that this wasn't Digikam's fault, and Picasa had been suffering from a similar issue (which I think I didn't noticed until after my previous post).

Turns out that problem was my wireless connection. I'm not sure why, but neither Picasa nor Digikam are functional with the actual files on a remote SSHFS mount. Basically, any operation was just unbearably slow, taking minutes to work. Once I switched back to a wired connection, both work fine. We hadn't noticed anything slow or bad about the wireless before that, but I also haven't had time to really poke at it. Whatever, it's working again for now.

Digikam seems less slick and polished than Picasa, but probably more technically capable. What you can do in Picasa is really easy, but... Digikam seems to have tried really, really hard to hide the red-eye feature. I had to Google for it, and even then, since it's been a couple of days, I couldn't find it again. That's annoying.

Thanks for all of the thoughts, and Lee, is pretty interesting and will need some thought.

Since I got Picasa working again, I suspect she'll stick with that for now, but I have Digikam (along with Fotowall and fotoxx) installed and semi-setup now, so we'll see.

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