Ron Kaye Jr on 4 Aug 2010 08:29:38 -0700

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[PLUG] my appreciation to a great community

i felt it was important to say this.
i am certain that we all believe in the technical superiority of the linux product.

but equally important, is the quality and character of the people in this community.

i was immobile, had no ubuntu software.
within 1 day, "jf" and "ks bhaskar" (among other offers) sent me a disk in the mail
eric dropped off ubuntu 10 server in person!
i cant adequately express how appreciative  i am of their generosity.

ubuntu 10 server is installed
i used aptitude to add the kde desktop
i burnt an iso using k3b (it was sweet)
thanks for the tips
its coming back to me

but i wanted to say, one of the greatest strengths of linux, is the quality of the people.

thx to all


ps prednisone SUCKS

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