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[PLUG] (fwd) Contract role, SA or Unix friendly NOC techie needed!

Here's a Philly-area job posting of potential interest.  I'm just
passing it along, please contact Jackie for more details.


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From: Jackie Wolfstone <>
Subject: Contract role, SA or Unix friendly NOC techie needed!

Contract, Linux Systems Administrator - 

This is a contract role to help our Senior Linux Systems Administrator
with data center work, and an opportunity to learn about VoIP. 

Marchex has partnered with Skype, a leading global VoIP provider, to
build a dynamic advertising and analytics platform that has the
potential to transform the call advertising industry. 

About Marchex Call Products
Our product is new, being built from the ground up with changes daily,
rolling out new features on a weekly basis. This is an amazing
opportunity to partner with a very engaged team of developers, QA and
Systems Engineers all on their toes trying to push the envelope of what
this product can do! 

*     Do you have a curiosity and interest in learning about voice
quality and monitoring for a large scale VoIP product?*     Does
thinking about how to utilize resources on the scale of 200 servers
effectively and efficiently sound like the kind of problems you'd like
to learn how to solve?  

Want to learn more? Check us out here:

About Marchex Production Operations

Welcome to Marchex Production Operations! Come work for us, think about
these challenges and more on a daily basis:

*         Make it scale

*         Make it HA

*         Make it fault-tolerant  

We are where the rubber meets the road, so we have to be good at just
about everything. 

Here's a sampling of the things we do on a day-to-day basis:

*         Fix something permanently.

*         Design hardware platforms which will be used for new

*         Listen to the old-timers reminisce about wood-burning modems.

*         Write some monitors.

*         Query and tune the databases that our applications sit on top

*         Discuss the relative merits of John Maynard Keynes and James
Maynard Keenan.

*         Scripts scripts scripts and... oh yeah... scripts...

*         Push out new software.

*         Muck around with the SANs.

*         Set up another virtual system because QA never had enough

*         Experiment with the latest and greatest in FOSS hotness. 



Basic duties / skills 

*         Racking, cabling, imaging new hosts *         Familiarity with
Linux and Solaris *         Networking basics, familiarity with cisco
switches *         Strong documentation skills *         Strong
datacenter management skills *         Able to plan, implement, and
finish complex tasks 

Nice to have  

*         Strong Unix/Linux systems administration skills *
Familiarity with VoIP (SIP, RTP, General IP Telephony) *
Experience building and maintaining large scale systems *
Software development / Design experience *         Database knowledge
(MySQL, Postgres, Oracle) *         SAN and/or NAS Experience *
Experience working with virtualization technology (vmware, xen, xvn,
etc...) *         Shell scripting *         Experience implementing
highly available systems



Jackie Wolfstone


520 Pike Street, Suite 2000

Seattle, WA 98101


p: 206.331.3645

f: 206.331.3680

e: <> 


Marchex, Inc. <> 



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