Casey Bralla on 7 Aug 2010 16:27:39 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] hosting at home- handling dns

You probably won't need dynamic DNS.   Your external IP will probably remain 
stable for as long as you use the same cable modem (it keys off the MAC 
address of the cable modem).

I host several sites, but got a business class account.  This leaves me 
unfiltered access.  I'm pretty sure most home accounts filter extensively, 
especially port 21.  Port 80 may be open, but many people switch to port 8080.

On Saturday 07 August 2010 4:00:31 pm Ron Kaye Jr wrote:
>  any of you folks host a web site at home?
> i will purchase this weekend
> i have verizon dsl, which appears to nat my 192.168.1 network to a valid
> verizon address. do i setup some kind of dynamic dns?
> Ron Kaye Jr


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