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Re: [PLUG] X11 basics.

On Aug 18, 2010, at 7:11 PM, Joe Kisela wrote:

> > I just ssh -X from a laptop and the installer displays on the laptop.  I
> > have found out from past experie thinknce that if you use DBCA (Database
> > Creation Assistant it fails over SSH.  It still wants to use old way
> > (export DISPLAY=laptopip:0.0)
> >Why should there EVER be a GUI on a server?  Why should GUI cruft even
> >live on the server's disk?
> Well, you need to remember that for X11, "Client" and "Server" are the opposite of what you would normally expect.
> You don't need to be running X on a dbserver to run remote X apps, where you export DISPLAY (or ssh -X) , run a remote X11 CLIENT program that displays on your local X11 SERVER.  X11 does not need to be running on the box that you are telnet'd/ssh'd into.

That is entirely unrelated to needing the X11 libs that the installer program is linked to, which *does* constitute installing X11 packages.

Of course, if the installer program is statically linked and actually works without X11 packages entirely, that's rather different. :)

Thanks and best regards,
Chris Nehren

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