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[PLUG] X11 forwarding.

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  • Subject: [PLUG] X11 forwarding.
  • Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 20:46:22 -0400
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for reliable X11 forwarding over sshd, I've usually used "ssh -X -C -P $target"  No, I can't remember what the incantation does, excersize for the reader.

The link that was included regarding -Y didn't clear its use for me, its the first that I've heard about it, can you show what its used for, I'm genuinely curious, not trying to challenge you.  I mean, I used to make XTerminals for a living :-)


Either your original message was unclear, or you have an opportunity to learn why what you stated wouldnt work without root priveledges, and why PAM generally doesnt follow symlinks.  Jason pointed out, your scenario doesn't seem logical, but maybe we're missing something.

As for "well, the X11 libraries need to be there", yes of course they do, but the X11Server does NOT need to be running to forward an X11 client to a remote X11 server.  And with Disk space so cheap these days, most distros will put down an XServer, or at least basic XLibs whether or not you configure it, or run it.  It's just part of a modern distribution.

As for POSIX standards, there really are filesystem standards , and yes, distros ignore them all the time.  There are usually better places to put something than in /, that won't confuse the heck out of everyone.  For the /Windows example, maybe /mnt/Windows is a better spot for it, and much more sensible, and doesn't break the standards just because you feel like adding a new root directory.
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