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Re: [PLUG] pls recommend a text editor

I love Notepad++. Use it all the time in Windows. On Linux, I usually
use a non-GUI editor (joe), but I like gedit, too.

On 8/18/10, John Karr <brainbuz@brainbuz.org> wrote:
> Notepad++
> Is GPL and Windows Native. It even runs well on wine, except for one major
> bug, if a file it has open changes on the disk it freezes and needs to be
> killed with kill.
> On Linux Gedit is actually pretty good, Kate is OK. Of course there's
> Notepad++. If you happen to be editing Perl scripts I recommend Padre, which
> is unfortunately still buggy.
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> I just watched a video wherein someone used TextMate to edit a handful of
> files.
> I {heart} tabbed thingys, now I want one too. (except for the Mac part :)
> What do you recommend for editing multiple files at once (and does it have a
> windows port).
> (any mention of vi, vim, emacs, or anything eclipse-based will be cheerfully
> ignored.
>  I thank you for your understanding).

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