JP Vossen on 19 Aug 2010 01:11:08 -0700

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[PLUG] %s vs. %S in Firefox "Quick Searches"

By now we're probably all familiar with Firefox "Quick Searches", but I just learned something new and solved a problem that was really annoying me.

I had a quick search:
	Name: CVS
	Keyword: cvs
	Description: Type "cvs <path>" in the address bar to view the
CVS path

So I can type "cvs foo/bar" and that used to get turned into
""; and open up my
revision history.  Some fairly recent FF update broke that, and I
started getting "";
(note %2f) which did NOT work.

Turns out now:
Difference between (small s) %s and (Capital S) %S

   1. (small s): %s will have additional substitution replacements: # by
%23, % by %25, / by %2F, and @ by %40.
   2. (Capital S): %S will not have substitutions and allow use of C++
in a Google search, allow use of @ in an email substitution, allow use
of a fragment-id in a url substitution index.html#example2, and use of a
directory as in code/example2.txt.

So changing from %s to %S fixed my problem.  Grrrrrr.

Some other handy ones I have (not tested for this new %s/%S thing) are:;s=all

If quick searches (AKA keyword searches) are new to you, read:

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