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Re: [PLUG] Jr Linux Admin

Randall A Sindlinger wrote:
I was going to forward this to a friend, until I read the job requirements.
It asks for *seven (7)* plus years experience?  For a Junior Sys Admin
position doing system backup and monitoring?

Have we become a dime-a-dozen bunch, or is the economy still *that* bad?

That just doesn't even sound like an "opportunity" to me.


Heh! I have been gettign a lot of these type of responses on this. Let me clarify a little.... *MY* understanding on this position is that we are looking for at *least* a junior level linux sysadmin guy. Preferably one with some TSM/IBM experience as there will be some Tivoli operations stuff that needs to be done as well as the Linux things. I can only guess the reason that HR listed the requirements the way they did is that they are trying to get the best candidate they can. My take on that is do not let those requirements dissuade you from applying if you are in need of some work.

-Linc Fessenden

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