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Re: [PLUG] Virtual Side Topic

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"Brian Vagnoni" <> wrote:

>What do people think about the possibility of VMWare purchasing SUSE from Novell?
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>Subject: Re: [PLUG] Need Troubleshooting Advice: Disk Errors in Virtual.Machines
>On 09/21/2010 06:04 PM, Casey Bralla wrote:
>> Anybody have any thoughts on what might cause these disk errors, or what I 
>> might check?
>Well, I guess we can start by just listing the various possibilities:
>1.  Kernel issue in the guest that causes the panic - perhaps no real
>fault in any lower layer.
>2.  Error in the VM code, that causes an apparent disk error to the guest.
>3.  Error in the host software (kernel, other processes, etc) that
>interacts with the VM to manifest itself in a disk error in the guest.
>4.  Error in the host hardware that causes a disk error in the guest.
>Note that host hardware errors could be ANYTHING, since the disk is
>virtual.  A disk error in the guest might have nothing to do with a
>physical disk error, unless maybe the guest is directly mapped to a
>physical disk.
>RAM errors of course jump to mind as a possibility, perhaps only under
>load or long uptime (temperature/etc).  Power supply problems could also
>cause any number of glitches.  The problem could be almost anything.
>If the host isn't generating any kind of error I tend to doubt that the
>issue is host software, but you can't rule that out.  Switching to a
>different platform (xen/etc) would probably address any issue in #2-3
>above, and perhaps even mitigate #4 (RAM/resource use patterns will be
>These kinds of gremlins can be really hard to track down.  I was having
>intermitent problems on my server at home, and thought they were fixed.
> They started coming back right around summer, which made me think heat.
> This is an older server, and I opened it up and really cleaned out the
>more sensitive components with compressed air (heat sinks/etc), turned
>on cpu scaling (to reduce heat generation), and haven't had problems
>since even with chromium builds.
>As far as load/etc goes - that clearly can make bugs in the VM or other
>components more apparent.  However, well-written software should not
>crash at any level of load - the VM should just be slow.  If the OS
>panics when you hit a load of 75, then there is a bug in the OS or at a
>lower layer.  Of course, if you can avoid these kinds of bugs, so much
>the better.
>Good luck with it!
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