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Re: [PLUG] Puppet vs Chef?...

On 09/25/2010 03:00 PM, wrote:
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 18:50:44 -0400
From: Fred Stluka<>

Any thoughts on pros/cons of Puppet vs Chef as tools for managing
the configurations of Linux servers?

I've Googled lots of articles from people I don't know, discussing
the differences, I've read a good bit about each, and I've installed
and played with Chef (and soon Puppet), but I'm still interested to
hear about direct experiences of any of the PLUG members, especially
if you've used both.

You should have hit PLUG W last week, or you can hit PLUG N in November and see Kyle's talk, or grab his slides: *

One minor turn-off for me was that Chef is all Ruby, where I'd prefer Perl. :-)

See also:

Let us know how it works out,
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