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Re: [PLUG] Android (was Blocking A Program From Running - android too)

On 10/03/2010 02:32 PM, Jason Stelzer wrote:
Given the sheer number of people I've attempted to help on irc who
have completely mangled their /system folder and are really struggling
to figure out how to flash a simple sbf onto their device in order to
undo whatever unholy thing they've done to themselves I have very
little faith in the ability of the average user to act in a non
destructive manner.

There simply aren't enough support resources to protect the masses
from themselves.

you absolutely kill me.  this is classic stuff - thanks.

The process life cycle for applications was changed significantly in
2.2. You simply cannot use task killer any longer. If you use task
killer, things keep 'coming back' because you are essentially calling
restart for the application and chewing battery in the process while
it re-initializes itself over and over

thanks for the best explanation i've read on killing tasks. the alleged experts on the forums insist they're right but provide little in the way of explanation.

otoh, programs tend to be more responsive after killing stuff.

and on the third hand, what i'm trying to accomplish is having programs start only when i start them. i don't feel it an unreasonable request to not have apps starting themselves up randomly without permission.

signed up for the online android dev app but haven't gotten there yet.

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