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Re: [PLUG] Android (was Blocking A Program From Running - android too)

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On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 2:35 PM, jeff <jeffv@op.net> wrote:
> you absolutely kill me. Âthis is classic stuff - thanks.

Glad the humor came through. I'm only partly kidding though. I've just
reached the point where all I can really do is laugh, cry and go

> thanks for the best explanation i've read on killing tasks. Âthe alleged
> experts on the forums insist they're right but provide little in the way of
> explanation.

Many of the experts on the forums are merely 'loud'. The single best
resource I have found has been the developer resources and
documentation in the sdk.

> otoh, programs tend to be more responsive after killing stuff.
> and on the third hand, what i'm trying to accomplish is having programs
> start only when i start them. Âi don't feel it an unreasonable request to
> not have apps starting themselves up randomly without permission.

Some of this comes down to how the application xml registers the app
with the system, some of it is how application developers want their
apps to behave. For startup issues, have a look at the 2 apps I
mentioned earlier (Watchdog and Autostarts). The author of watchdog
created it mainly for monitoring purposes and has some decent info in
the faq. http://www.zomut.com/watchdog

That said, it is important to understand how things work. Applications
are not running 'on linux'. They are running in dalvik. Dalvik is
running 'on linux'. Dalvik is going to orchestrate the notifications
passed around the different virtual machines. It seems like a silly
distinction but it is not. Android is not linux. Not in the way that
ubuntu or centos are. Android is the entire software stack of os,
middleware and applications. You can't effectively manage the suite at
only one level.

That said, this discussion has me wondering about the feasibility of
creating a monitor to help show things that are active and consuming
cpu vs things that are essentially idle. It'd be interesting just from
an FYI perspective.

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