jeff on 8 Oct 2010 20:33:48 -0700

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[PLUG] gnome surprise

I updated my least favorite laptop to Xubuntu 10.10 tonight. The most favorite laptop was two weeks ago and it went without an issue.

So aside from the freezing for no apparent reason and restarting, it seems ok. Fortunately Xubuntu tolerated it well.

I like the XFCE desktop. I might be the only one who does, but that's ok. Unfortunately when I upgraded the OS, my wireless settings disappeared. Remembering from the depths of history, I installed the Gnome desktop. POOF - there was my wireless connection.

Furthermore, all of the programs that I installed showed up in the menus. This is precisely the opposite of XFCE, which requires several doctorate-level degrees to alter the menus.

Another handy helper was the touchpad settings. It automatically selected `turn off touchpad when typing', which is my largest complaint about the laptop. Unavailable (or not findable) in XFCE. Unfortunately the scroll isn't working, regardless of setting.

Since Gnome is a bit more flexible than it used to be, I guess I might stick with it, although I still prefer XFCE.

So all I need to do is stop the random freezing :)
Btw, this MSI laptop sucks.

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