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[PLUG] Fwd: Thanks for coming to my talk

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Subject: Thanks for coming to my talk
Organization: P.D.Q. Bernoulli Institute of Lower Mathematics
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 23:06:31 -0400
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From: Mark Jason Dominus <mjd@plover.com>

Thanks for coming to my talk tonight on Linus Torvalds' Greatest Invention.

(Or, if you weren't there, thanks for staying away.)

The talk slides, as promised, are now available online from:


or you can just download the whole thing from:


The Emacs diff-and-merge tools I praised are called 'ediff' and
'emerge'; they are really superb.  They are standard with GNU Emacs;
use M-X ediff-files or M-x emerge-files to try them, or look up the
docmuentation in M-x info.

The git man page I mentioned that describes git's complex diff
algorithm is "gitdiffcore"
If you are interested in git internals, reading "gitrepository-layout"
will probably also be helpful.

For more details about git internals, and how they affect the behavior
and use of git, I strongly recommend "Git From the Bottom Up".
(http://ftp.newartisans.com/pub/git.from.bottom.up.pdf) This
explanation is brief and to the point and will make almost anyone a
more powerful Git user than they were before.

I will be happy to answer questions by email.  Please cc me, as I no
longer seem to be subscribed to this mailing list.

My past talks for PLUG, should you care, are:

        http://perl.plover.com/yak/ext2fs/      (2001)
        http://perl.plover.com/yak/commands/    (2002)
        http://perl.plover.com/yak/flock/       (2003)
        http://perl.plover.com/yak/qmail/       (2004)
        http://perl.plover.com/yak/unixsec/     (2005)
        http://perl.plover.com/yak/files/       (2007)
        http://perl.plover.com/yak/typing/      (2008)
        http://perl.plover.com/yak/mybin/       (2009)

Thanks again.  I had fun and I hope you did too.

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