Eric H. Johnson on 7 Nov 2010 17:42:27 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Need transit for PLUG West

Chris, Fred,

Additionally, presuming you are coming from Philly, roughly half the trains
to Malvern go on to Exton, so you will have more options in / out of Malvern
/ Paoli as you will out of Exton. The fare is also higher to Exton than

However if Exton is what you want, it may be less out of my way than it is
for Fred. I come from a little South of Pottstown (Chester County side), so
Exton station is not far out of my way.



Mon 11/15, right?  I can get you from the train and back to it 
afterwards.  Why Exton?  The Malvern and Paoli stations are both 
closer to the meeting, and both more convenient for me.  But I 
can do Exton if you prefer.  Where are you coming from?

Feel free to reply directly so we won't bore everyone else.

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