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[PLUG] Linux Groupware & collaboration (links)


Narli Kolab for Ubuntu [UDS Heavy Stuff Edition]
Posted on November 8, 2010 by apachelogger

Did you ever wish for a useable groupware solution for your Ubuntu systems?…

At the recently held Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, FL the teams behind Ubuntu Server and Kubuntu discussed the long-term target for the Kolab Groupware stack on the Ubuntu platform.

But before I describe more detailed what is going to happen, let me quickly explain what Kolab is.

Related, here are some of the links I have on this topic. Note there is something I call "pretend open source" which has been touched on. To me, that's anything that claims to be open source, but either isn't really, or doesn't "feel" like it is.

For example, this is my years-old entry for Zimbra:	Pretend open source AJAX-based Collaboration software

Having said that, most of this is based on a quick glance, so I may be doing an injustice here or there. I'll be interested in feedback from anyone who goes more in-depth.
	List of collaborative software
	Comparison of e-mail clients
	Linux: Drop-In Replacement For Exchange Now Open Source
	Pretend open source? Zarafa is available under the Affero GPLv3
	Zarafa opensource community version
	Pervious Zarafa opensource community version
New Scalix open source groupware is competition for Microsoft Exchange (but doesn't like SELinux)
Pretend open-source messaging, calendar, and collaboration products for enterprise environments (was HP OpenMail)
	Community Edition
Chandler Project, a personal information manager designed for small group collaboration
	Citadel is a turnkey open-source solution for email and collaboration.
	Collaboration and Integration Server Environment
	Enterprise Collaboration
	Bedework: Open Source Calendar for the Enterprise (Java)
	Partly free, partly commercial Exchange alternative

Dead, for reference and completeness only:
Calendar and mail server (Novell NetMail, bought, only "certified" on Novell stuff)
	Open source groupware server (stalled as of 2009-05-17)

Sorry about the formatting, hope this is readable and not flagged as the spiced ham of email,
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