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Re: [PLUG] xubuntu GUI samba client

On Tuesday, November 30, 2010 09:12:13 am Eric at wrote:
> In Ubuntu's Nautilus I can click on File->Connect_To_Server and connect to
> my Samba file server.
> Is there an equivalent process in Xubuntu's Thunar?  If so, I cannot find
> it. What do you use as a GUI Samba client in Xubuntu if not Thunar?
> I installed Nautilus to grab the files that I wanted but I noticed that it
> does not play well with Thunar (drag and drop does not work).
> Eric

Older versions of Thunar did not support the smb protocol.  I don't know if 
this has been added.  From your frustration, I assume not.  xubuntu installs 
nautilus for that.  Again, in older version where I am familiar, this 
generally converted your xfce session into a gnome session.

Personally, I never saw the point of xubuntu as you had to load gnome stuff to 
do any work.  Then, instead of a lightweight wm/environment, you had 
gnome+xfce instead of just gnome when using vanilla ubuntu.  Alsio, if running 
a lightweight desktop is your goal install ubuntu server and then install e17 
as your x wm.

Art Alexion

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