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Re: [PLUG] OpenJDK and pkcs12 user certificate

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I'd just use the Sun java - you don't even have to remove the OpenJDK.

If your Boy Scout camp Ubuntu is newer than 7.04 just go here...

... and start with the paragraph that begins: "To get Sun closed source..."

update-java-alternatives is your friend as you can quickly switch over.


On 12/04/2010 07:56 AM, Bill East wrote:
> So I have a VPN that uses client certificates to authenticate, it is
> supposed to support Linux. In addition to SSL, it uses a Java module to
> create a virtual interface on the box for networking. On my Slackware
> box with JRE I was able to use the Java Control Panel to import the
> certificate and got to a point where it was pretty clear that the
> problem was on the VPN side - at which point their tech support told me
> they don't support Slackware. So I haul out the boy scout camp Ubuntu
> box and bring that up, to discover it's using OpenJDK and the IcedTea
> pluging for Firefox. No Control Panel. It does have the CLI keytool, but
> if I try "keytool -importcert -file filename.p12" it complains that the
> file is not an X.509 certificate. The nerve. The OpenJDK GUI tool in
> Preferences doesn't seem to have a way to import the certificate.
> So I guess the question is, is there a simple way to talk OpenJDK into
> using my p12 cert, or should I rip-and-replace it with JRE and try to go
> at it that way?
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