Bill East on 4 Dec 2010 04:56:33 -0800

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[PLUG] OpenJDK and pkcs12 user certificate

So I have a VPN that uses client certificates to authenticate, it is supposed to support Linux. In addition to SSL, it uses a Java module to create a virtual interface on the box for networking. On my Slackware box with JRE I was able to use the Java Control Panel to import the certificate and got to a point where it was pretty clear that the problem was on the VPN side - at which point their tech support told me they don't support Slackware. So I haul out the boy scout camp Ubuntu box and bring that up, to discover it's using OpenJDK and the IcedTea pluging for Firefox. No Control Panel. It does have the CLI keytool, but if I try "keytool -importcert -file filename.p12" it complains that the file is not an X.509 certificate. The nerve. The OpenJDK GUI tool in Preferences doesn't seem to have a way to import the certificate.

So I guess the question is, is there a simple way to talk OpenJDK into using my p12 cert, or should I rip-and-replace it with JRE and try to go at it that way?

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