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Re: [PLUG] Is Google-Analytics Off Line?

On Jan 4, 2011 5:41 AM, "Casey Bralla" <> wrote:
> I noticed that many of the websites I tried to visit yesterday (and this
> morning) are slow/unresponsive. Â(They partially load, then stall-out).
> The only common item among them was that Firefox showed it was waiting to load
> (it shows in the little window at the bottom of my
> browser window).
> Was google-analytics off line yesterday? ÂAnybody know of a large-scale
> network outage in the philly area?

Comcast had a bad outage yesterday in north Philadelphia, from up near the Temple hospital down at least as far as Girard. Multiple businesses in that area had no WAN connectivity for at least an hour.

As Douglas noted, visual traceroute tools can be a lot of fun. From previous experience, I've seen a ton of traffic routed out through a pipe up north of Vine D
St. The only larger one in the area I think is down under Columbus Blvd. I tried SSHing into multiple machines around the city from work yesterday (on my phone) during the outage, machines I knew for certain used Comcast, and had to try ones all the way in center city before I got a response!

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