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Re: [PLUG] Software mirror (RAID1)

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>>Subject: [PLUG] Software mirror (RAID1)
>>Instead, I'm going to argue for use of RAID1 (mirroring) in general, for home and small-mid 
>>corporate use on a shoe-string budget.  This does not apply to large data centers, large well-funded 
>>corporations, or performance critical >>applications.  But for anyone with a "server" at home, and for 
>>those in small jack-of-all-trades IT departments, it's valid.

100% agree with your RAID1 pholosophy and it shows that we both have had RAID disasters in the past.

I have a 6 month old server with 16 15K drives RAID10 (we spent about $15K on it).   I am looking to repurpose that server so I am planning on purchasing a 1u server with 4 SAS disks and 2 OCZ RevoDrive X2 PCI-Express SSD cards for about $4K).  OS will be on RAID1 traditional SAS disks.  The databases will be on the SSD configured as software RAID1.

I am using RAID1 because I don't trust disks and I trust SSD even less.  We take 15min snaphots of the databases so I have my backups up to snuff.  But I am still a little worred about SSD as I have never used them in produciton. 

My hope is the new cheaper SQL server will be as fast or faster then the old server so it can be repurposed into a  virutalization host.


>>I see 3TB drives on PriceWatch, and they aren't going to get any 
>>smaller, so I'm not that worried about it for the use-cases I outlined.

I was looking to pick up a 2T drive so could start off 2011 with a 2010 archive/backup.  Since I wanted to pick it up local I checked which shows all the "deal" fliers.   Nice thing is you pick PA or DE then can drill into HDD or cameras or what ever.  Ended up also finding a Canon Elph SD1400SD for a steal at best buy so I picked that up.  The nice thing about is there is no more running out to buy the Sunday paper or having to to check multiple websites for the best local deals.  While looking at the 2T drives I ran across this comparison website called it was extremely helpful in figuring out how the HDD I was looking at compared to others for specs and value.  

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