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Re: [PLUG] "Window manger" lightning talks

On Thu, Jan 06, 2011 at 12:38:50AM -0500, Eric at Lucii.org wrote:
> Just to reiterate - I'm willing to give a lighting talk at PLUG central on March
> 2nd 2011 about a couple of useful and non-obvious UI tweaks using Compiz.
> Yes, Compiz can be more than just eye-candy :-D

Thanks, Eric.  In case you weren't there last night, we decided that
instead of one hour-long talk, at March's meeting we're going to have
a bunch of short talks on the topic of "Cool X11 Hacks".  5-10 minute
talks would be ideal.

CJ also promised to talk about his "warping to a browser" utility that
he described at the meeting.  I think some other people said they'd
like to talk, too, but I didn't get their names.  If you were there
last night -- or even if you weren't -- and you'd like to give a short
talk on your favorite cool X11 hack, please let me know and we'll get
you on the schedule.


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