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[PLUG] A little PHP RSVP application I wrote

For my wedding I put together an RSVP script that would allow guests to respond to their invitation through our wedding website.  I looked all over the net but couldn't find an RSVP script that quite suited my needs, and figured I'd work from scratch.  It wasn't a huge effort, just a few hours on my part, but I thought the community might benefit from my publicizing it.

I called it 'tententen' because that was the date of my wedding.  I will be the first to admit that it's not terribly polished: The install process is basically untarring, creating a db and running tables.sql, and filling in the db user and password in the database.php file.  I have stripped it of some of our personal information and graphic design elements which I don't own the copyright to.  You'll have to personalize it and create db entries for each of your invitations and guests.

A few things which make this different from other RSVP scripts I found, and especially make it well-suited for very formal events such as a wedding:
*It makes a distinction between an individual guest and an 'invitation', which may cover a whole family, so a household can RSVP all at once.
*It is designed to have your invitations already programmed in, so guests may simply search for their invitation with their name and some identifying piece of information to prevent mischief.  I use the house number, but you could use zip code, part of their phone number, or even a PIN that you include with the invitation if you wanted.  This limits abuse by not allowing just anyone to RSVP.
*It has an event table that represents a log of changes to the invitation table, to keep track of when people respond.

*Must be installed and configured by hand
*You have to enter in the guest list beforehand (this works fine for formal events like weddings, but I realize it's not suited for much else)
*You have to do the graphic design yourself.
*The administration and results viewing was done in PhpMyAdmin, so:
*There's no page for results, although I have included a few SQL queries that show useful reports.
*There's no page for adding new guests/invitations, although it would be easy to make

You can download the source code at http://www.cf2chat.com/tententen.tar.bz2

Any feedback is welcome.  I can't guarantee support but may answer questions if I can.

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