Adam Zion on 11 Jan 2011 14:48:27 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] DVD playback not close to working

> You might want to try something other than vlc (like mplayer) to see if you
> get a different or more informative error (or maybe it will just work,
> wouldn't that be nice :))

I tried MPlayer + Totem. No dice either time.

> If you suspect a read error you could do something like
> cat /dev/dvd > /dev/null
> to make the drive read the entire disk and see if you get any errors.

It's happened w/3 different DVDs, so it's not likely to be a media error.

> Check 'dmesg' for what the drive is loaded and detected as  ... mine is
> /dev/sr0.

Mine also mounted as /dev/sr0

> The drive should automatically mount in nautilus if you insert a disc but you
> never know.
> Create a directory /media/dvd and mount the /dev/{whatever it is} into that and
> try from there.
> Otherwise you could just load each VOB individually from the DVD.

I was able to copy the VOBs to the local HD, but that's a *really*
clumsy way to do it.

> Since you seem to be running Ubuntu...have you been to this site?
> and specifically, followed the instructions under "Playing Encrypted DVDs"?
> VLC cannot open an encrypted disc without those packages.

Ja, did it- no dice.

As I always say: if I ask about it, it's almost certain to be a tough question.

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