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[PLUG] Lynx? Re: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop) for Linux - interested?

On 01/13, Sean Sheridan wrote:
> But asking linux users, who generally prefer lynx to chrome, what they

What?  Who didn't stop using lynx when w3m added support for tables, or at
least when links came out with the ability to do tables *and* lynx's easier

If I still actually lived in Philly I'd have to do a browser poll at the
next meeting.  I miss you guys.  And I use chromium.

> designers.  Graphic designers almost never use linux.  Why?  Because Linux
> is not visual, it's largely text based.

Not visual and largely text based?  One of the Linux related reviewing
people I keep running across on youtube wants Ubuntu to drop GNU Coreutils
(ls, cp, cat...): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuz7nC9tDQ8 (comments):

  "all those things are useless heheh and should be removed from Ubuntu
  if possible and if I was in charge... hehe"

He's an Ubuntu user.  While I find the notion offensive, I am glad that
Linux has become so much more usable for people who fear the command line.
And I've been using Ubuntu exclusively for years because, in spite of
all its gui friendliness, it doesn't get in my way, and so much stuff just

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