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Re: [PLUG] Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop) for Linux - interested?

In the mid 1990's I convinced some executives at Adobe to send a copy of
their Unix port of Photoshop & Illustrator to the computer graphics lab at
UPenn.  Dan W. installed it on Aladdin, an SGI super computer. (Dan, did
it install well?)

Many users complained it wasn't as slick/easy to use as the Mac version
and it would hiccup from time to time, but generally it was a stable tool.
 It was wicked fast on that half million dollar computer.

So, porting to *nix* is not new for Adobe.

But asking linux users, who generally prefer lynx to chrome, what they
think of porting photoshop to linux is kind of like asking a mathematician
to write a poem, no?

The GNU-Free graphics tool Gimp is far more sophisticated than most *nix
users will ever need.  Photoshop is, typically, a tool used by graphic
designers.  Graphic designers almost never use linux.  Why?  Because Linux
is not visual, it's largely text based.

The question I can envision Adobe asking linux administrators is: "will
your designers try the linux box if you put photoshop on it".

The answer was at one time an immediate 'no' because the designers would
not know how to move around the new operating system and they would not
understand how to use a two button mouse.  Over time things have changed. 
Designers now use PC's as much or more than they use MAC's and many are
fluent on both platforms.

Then there are crazy system administrators, like me, who use a linux
server with apache, centos, mysql and (get this) adobe coldfusion
operating under linux.

Coldfusion is an AWESOME webserver with incredible power.  I've been
running it for 12+ years under linux and have found it to be a powerful,
stable ally.

In short, I admire Adobe's desire to expand their *nix offerings and
encourage all of you to do the same.  Get your graphics people off those
proprietary operating systems!

Sean C. Sheridan
(267) 973-4800

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