Gordon Dexter on 17 Jan 2011 07:51:10 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] dell optiplex 260

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 10:20 AM, Eric at Lucii.org <eric@lucii.org> wrote:
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On 01/17/2011 09:24 AM, jeff wrote:
> On 01/16/2011 10:32 PM, Ron Kaye Jr wrote:
>> dell optiplex 260
>> no sound- ADI 198X INTEGRATED AUDIO
>> dell doesnt appear to provide linux drivers
>> options?
> have you checked the dell linux boards?  Decent amount of help there.

Also, I'd download a copy of the Knoppix DVD or CD iso(1), burn it, and boot
with that.  If the sound works, and then note which drivers it uses(2).  The
Knoppix hardware detection has always been outstanding in my experience.

Hope that helps.


 I would recommend doing the same thing with Ubuntu actually.  What distro are you using right now that the sound isn't working in?

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