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Re: [PLUG] Do you feel like you're a Linux dude(tte) in a 'Doze/Mac world?

I remember my first experience with Linux wireless in a coffee shop.
I managed a connection of sorts, but I could not use the internet.   I
talked to a friend on the phone and he told me "You need an IP
address".   Huh?   (I was mostly familiar with PPP setups on Linux).
He would somehow make his own IP address like you mentioned below
(*).    But I wouldn't do it because I was worried I might
take an address being used by someone else in the coffee shop and thus
mess something up (I thought Linux had this sort of power with the
"tweaking" abilities it has.)   I guess that's not possible as the
router would have already leased out such an IP address (I actually
never tried to duplicate an IP address).

I would have had the next issue of name servers (but I knew a few I
think, probably not what I would have automatically gotten though with

I began more research and learned of the dhcpcd command, which solved
my problems mostly, and I passed this discovery on back to my friend.
  So I guess we both learned something.

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 1:46 PM, Floyd Johnson <fljohnson3@isp.com> wrote:
> Afternoon, PLUGgers.
> I think this cafe's WiFi apparatus was giving me bum DHCP info. It seems
> to have been set to give nameserver addresses further upstream than the
> router (they were in the 71.242.0 and 71.252.0 blocks)-the router's IP
> being in the good ol' 192.168.1 block. It took me most of an hour to
> figure out how to tell my Ubuntu boxlet the correct way to aim its DNS
> queries right at the router in here (Tuscany Cafe just off Rittenhouse
> Square).
> Do you guys find yourselves in similar moments, in which you're flying
> the most sophisticated laptop amongst your fellow cafe patrons, and
> having the worst time of the lot getting online? Or, on the other hand,
> do you feel like hot stuff because you are able to essentially MacGyver
> your machine to solve such problems?
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