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Re: [PLUG] Linux Gaming - Feasible?

Hi Keith,

I have had great success with Source engine games under Wine, but in the end I always end up going back to Windows for gaming because of little quirks here and there. I haven't tried virtualization, but I can't imagine the performance being too good for "AAA titles."

PS: Anybody remember the 3 month long rumor that Steam was coming to Linux? That would have been awesome. Oh well, at least Ubuntu has the Software Center. There are a couple commercial games listed, but they're not "top shelf."

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 9:18 PM, Keith W <oomplah@gmail.com> wrote:

Greetings folks,


I’ve been lurking on this Linux e-mail list and others and others for a few months, and have decided to stand up, say hello, and have a conversation.  Hopefully this is not a conversation this list is sick of talking about.


I have a serious illness – I love video games, especially the elaborate, commercially developed video games typically only released for Windows.  I’ve experimented with gaming on Linux via Wine and/or Crossover with limited success, and often find myself “giving up” and pulling out the Windows CD so I can enjoy these games.   I’ve attempted this challenge a few times off and on for the last couple years, and thinking about doing this again.   


<The Point>


What I would like to ask the list is what is your experience with “Windows” games on Linux?  I know I’m not alone with the frustration tied to Windows gaming, but I’m curious if anyone can share any success stories or their experience with the following.


WINE -  (“Out of the Box”)  ß Most frustrating for me

Codeweavers  ß Helped “idiot proof” WINE for me, but has limited support for games

Cedega – (Apparently now,  called “GameTree?” – Never tried first hand – List of supported games no more impressive than Codeweavers)

Virtual Machines (VirtualBox/VMWare)  ß Is the performance on this any good?  This my favored option for my next attempt.


I would very much enjoy ditching Windows for Linux full time.  I use it on my home servers, firewall, and at work and love it.  I would like nothing better than to demote windows to a VM running on top of Ubuntu just to play a video game or use a stubborn VPN Client/Office type application with no hope for linux support.


</The Point>


I use NVIDIA graphics (Lesson learned after the very first attempt) on a fairly new ASUS gaming laptop.    No, I cannot shake my Windows Gaming addition for open source alternatives J  Aside from Gaming, there is very little holding me back from using Linux as my primary O/S at home.  I keep hearing that it is becoming more and more feasible over time… seeking updated news and advise.


Thanks in advance for reading – Looking forward to any advice, experiences, or articles anyone has to offer.






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