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[PLUG] linux music hw/sw
This is a very good site if you're gonna stick with linux only.

My understanding is that the `pros' use ProTools, which is primarily Mac but has been ported to Win. Naturally there is no linux version.

LMMS is a very interesting all-in-one linux program that should do most, if not all of what your son is looking for. Hydrogen is a really cool drum sequencer.

On the Win side, Cakewalk and Sonar are very popular.

You can use an external USB adapter or an add-in card to get the information to and from the computer. I'm pretty sure the card is the better way to go, resourcewise.

The external boxes start around $89. M-Audio and Tascam start in that range and the prices go up with features and inputs.

In an almost related vein, I just read that someone got Guitar Rig running through WINE. It's a very interesting amp/effects emulator for guitar and bass. There's a less intensive linux program called Rakarrack (or something like that - it's in Ubuntu repositories) that does all sorts of emulation. Might do more effects than amps - I'm not sure.

JACK is your friend.

Good luck.
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