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Re: [PLUG] Firewall question


Apparently IPCOP cannot do this. See section here:

Ports ranges cannot overlap each other. 

Individual ports cannot be placed in the middle of a range i.e. if you have
2000-3000 already set up and then try to forward port 2500, it will give you
an error. You cannot forward the same port to several machines.

Many firewalls can do this, such as Endian (There was a presentation on
Endian at least at West a couple of months back). See:

The only thing I can think of for IPCOP is if you could use something other
than the default FTP port(s) for access to one of the machines. That would
allow you to use a different rule.


Hi all,

I'm just trying to configure my IPCOP firewall.  It won't let
me do what I'd like to do.

I'm setting up the port forwarding.  I want ftp from certain
external ip's to go to a one machine.  And ftp coming from
other external ip's to go to a different machine.  

It won't let me do this.  When I go to add the second rule it
claims that ports 20-21 are in use.

Now, my question is this, is this just something that IPCOP won't
do?  Or is it that all firewalls won't do it either?  And I'll have to
use some different incoming port to do what I want to do?

Or does someone have some other idea on this?



Julien Mills

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