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Re: [PLUG] why apple

----- Ron Kaye Jr <> wrote:
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> my daughter is almost 30<br>she wants an apple mac<br><br>dad hates apple ( i go back to apple iic!)<br>proprietary, more expensive, gotta pay for everything (ugh)<br><br>i am sure age can be a factor<br>and it is free bsd<br>why are you younger folk so enamored with apples.<br>i will listen- i am a reasonable guy<br><br>Ron Kaye Jr<br>914-7294734 <br></body></html>

Prefacing my remarks by stating that I didn't drink the Koolaid, and I don't think Steve Jobs is a visionary.  Privately, I chose Linux to manage my public facing server environment and Android as my mobile development platform (over iOS).

Younger folk are enamored with the brand and don't know so much about operating systems.  You'll get no argument from me as to the high cost of Apple ... it's the most expensive option out there.  But, the product line is unified in an extremely comsumer-focused manner.  In my experience as a consumer, Apple currently seems to be the most approachable when it comes to technical support and their ability to answer endless mundane questions about things like synchronizing mp3 players, phones, TVs, and software on a computer.  Good luck getting user-friendly advice like that from any other company.

Like being a mechanic, you select the right brand of tool for the job.  There'll be arguments about which OS or brand is best until the end of time.

In my own experience I support RHEL, AIX, OS X Server, and Solaris on a day to day basis.  My personal choice of primary computing device is a MacBook Pro for both home and office.  I use computers to do more than just *nix sys admin work.  On one hand, having most coreutils available via the Terminal makes OS X a better choice over Windows right off the bat.  One of my primary client bases are folks who do creative work, so familiarity with OS X helps me help them.

Beyond that, I do lots of creative work (graphic print/web > Adobe) as well as audio production/DJing.  In my case, the application tools I choose drove the decision.  The industry standard toolsets just don't exist for Linux, and while there are alternatives ... I prefer to stick with standards and enjoy the benefit of widespread usership for support.

Otherwise, I'm not an investor in other Apple products.  The iPad can take a flying leap of a 12" coffee table and shatter beyond supported belief, as far as I'm concerned.

Ask your daughter if she needs access to a C compiler or a good Django development environment.  If she says yes, you know what to do.  If she says no, tell her that she should just buy a Dell.  If she says "what's Django?  You mean Django Reinhart?" tell her to buy a Mac :)


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