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Re: [PLUG] why apple

On 1/26/11 9:10 PM, Doug Crompton wrote:
And this might be a very valid point for someone that is totally clueless
to repair issues. The expense is built-in for repairs like this just like
high end cars. You pay 60K for a car and the first 4 years or whatever are
totally free anything you need. But we all know that nothing is free, it
just feels nice when you perceive it to be!! Good marketing I presume.
Totally agree, but it was a good experience for a device that was 3 years old and I didn't bother buying AppleCare on it. Apple don't set an expectation that they will support a device after a year unless you buy their support products.

I've spent the last two weeks shipping my friend's Toshiba laptop that is only 10 months old (and obviously under warranty) back and forth because it won't charge anymore. I suspect I could resolve that during my lunch break with Apple.

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