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Re: [PLUG] why apple

From: Ron Kaye Jr<>
Subject: Re: [PLUG] why apple

There has been entirely too much rational and non-flame-war discourse on this topic. Come on people, this is a mailing list on the Internet, there are standards we need to sink far below!!! Apple sucks, Linux rules and don't even get me started about Windows!!!

OK, now that I got that out of my system...  :-)

Lots of people have made good arguments, but I haven't seen my other one yet. I'm not a fan of the Vendor lock-in-from-hell, the DRM, and all of that stuff, but that's been covered. My other problem is, I just hate the interface. OK, someone complained about the software, which is similar to this, but...

I know it's supposed to be so much better than everything else, but I just don't "get" it. I'm probably just an old curmudgeon (BTW, get off my lawn), but every time I've tried to use a Mac I end up at a bash prompt to try to get anything done. And despite claims of BSD under the hood, *boy* did they mess with the file system. Yuck.

I'm sure someone will argue I haven't spent enough time trying to use one, and that's probably true. But I don't want to spend time *trying* to use a computer, I want to *have* used it to get my work done.

So no thanks for me, Ubuntu and Gnome work just fine and more-or-less stay out of my way so I can get stuff done. (OK, yes, sometimes I have to fuss with it a bit. But unlike Windows, Linux will actually have a root cause and fix, not just reboot-then-reinstall. And unlike a Mac you *can* tweak it however you desire. :)


PS--Someone said something about having the core utils handy. Too true, I can't live without those. So I use the and ActivePerl when on Windows.

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