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Re: [PLUG] Boxee on Ubuntu?

I've been using Boxee on Ubuntu 10.04 for a years now on my home TV.  I
have a Roku box for Netflix.  I wasn't using any of the extra features
of Boxee, so I have since switch to the latest XBMC.  You might like
Boxee if you want to watch Youtube or Vimeo or Pandora from your TV.

You can get the latest version on Ubuntu here:

I was able to configure Ubuntu to auto-login my htpc user in

Then XBMC launches fullscreen from a script in Gnome's Startup Applications.

The hardest part for me was configuring my infrared remote with an old
IRman sensor and Sony multi-remote I have, in the Lircmap.xml and
lircd.conf files.  I think this works out of the box if you have one of
the standard remotes xmbc supports.


On 01/27/2011 03:59 AM, JP Vossen wrote:
> Anyone using on Ubuntu (esp. 10.04)?  AFAICT it doesn't support
> Netflix streaming (the usual DRM issue), and I'm already using MythTV
> for recording off Comcast super-lame limited basic analog cable.
> So does a Boxee install even do anything for me?  It sounds like it
> might make finding and watching stuff from online easier?
> After a bit of tweaking (~/.boxee/UserData/guisettings.xml
> <vsync>0</vsync>) I got it running, but it wants to create a user
> account.  Am I going to regret doing that if I do?  Or should I use a
> Mailinator address for testing?
> Clues?
> Thanks,
> JP
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