Claude M. Schrader on 27 Jan 2011 06:52:34 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Boxee on Ubuntu?

On 03:59 Thu 27 Jan     , JP Vossen wrote:
> Anyone using on Ubuntu (esp. 10.04)?  AFAICT it doesn't support 
> Netflix streaming (the usual DRM issue), and I'm already using MythTV 
> for recording off Comcast super-lame limited basic analog cable.
> So does a Boxee install even do anything for me?  It sounds like it 
> might make finding and watching stuff from online easier?
> After a bit of tweaking (~/.boxee/UserData/guisettings.xml 
> <vsync>0</vsync>) I got it running, but it wants to create a user 
> account.  Am I going to regret doing that if I do?  Or should I use a 
> Mailinator address for testing?

I use boxee on ubuntu - its good for online media and various other
things (ripped DVDs). I believe there is some sort of myth support you can
enable, to have myth recordings viewable through boxee - that would at
least give you one interface to go to (assuming it works well). I'm happy
with it so far, and rarely get email from them.

The online account can be helpful - its got a social networking component,
so you can share what you're watching if you have any boxee friends. You
can also link facebook and twitter to your boxee account, so videos shared
on those networks will show up in your boxee home screen.

Netflix does not work on the boxee app, though if you buy a boxee device,
netflix support is coming in a few weeks. Netflix is only h.264 streams
with obfuscated URLs, so they can't allow it on anything that gives you
cli level access.
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