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Re: [PLUG] why apple

Not sure where you are located but I highly recommend a small computer
store in Bucks County that I have been buying from for almost 20 years.
New Technology Center (NTC) Nita Di is the owner - 215-357-6790
It is located on County Line near the turnpike in Southampton, PA

My company bought over 100 computers from her and she did a lot of
business with the Navy, several schools, and a bank. Basically she builds
to your specifications or if you are not knowledgable she would guide you
to the best choice. I have always found her to be totally honest and, at
least for me, sometimes too conservative, trying to talk me into less than
I want to save money.

If you are a complete do it yourselfer then you can decide what you want
and buy it direct from amazon, newegg, etc. and assemble it. If you would
rather have someone else do it to your specifications, including
installing the SW then, this is the kind of person to see. The nice thing
is that virtually any HW/SW you can buy or procure she will put together
for you. Buying from HP, Dell, etc. you are limited to what they sell. Of
course you could always add something later but you would be stuck with
their motherboard.

The other nice thing is this is a real person you can get on the phone
that totally backs the product and gives technical an warranty support.
If something isn't working you can take it there and get it fixed. I
am sure there are others like this in the area. I like to support local
business when I can.


On Fri, 28 Jan 2011, Art Alexion wrote:

> Please DON'T tell her to buy a Dell.
> --
> Art Alexion
> On Jan 26, 2011, at 6:31 PM, wrote:
> > If she says no, tell her that she should just buy a Dell.
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