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Re: [PLUG] why apple

I should have been more clear.  I don't recall the original Dell model that was purchased because it was traded in over 6 years ago.  The first issue that came up was bad RAM seats.  They replaced the motherboard in less that 24 hours with on-site support whilst I sipped a latte.  The second issue was the integrated NIC kept losing connection, so that required another motherboard (once again, replaced on-site within 24 hours).  I believe that this model Dell had a fatal design flaw because the issue continued to happen repeatedly (3-4 times).  Best part was the 24 hour turnaround.  Finally, it was Dell who offered to upgrade me to a completely newer model (refurbished Inspiron 9100).  Old model: 2.26GHz 512MB RAM, new model: 3.0 GHz 1GB RAM (and some other bells/whistles).  They even extended the warranty to the new model and replaced BOTH my power supplies free of charge.  It's still running to this day.

Everything told, I paid $1000 for easily $4000 worth of hardware and lightning fast on-site support.  That's not a good deal, it's an excellent deal, and I stand behind my original statement.  I can't vouch for them today and I don't know if Dell or any other company offers next-day on-site support.  I do know that Apple provides same-day support if you can find a location that contains your replacement part.

For me, my purchase is driven largely by support.


> You pay, say $600, for reconditioned, say $1000, for new. New is a lemon, so they replace it with reconditioned. Now you have paid $1000 for reconditioned. This is not a good deal. 
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> Art Alexion
> On Jan 26, 2011, at 9:06 PM, wrote:
> > They once even gave me a completely refurbished upgrade after some extended choppy waters.

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